Cleveland Homeowners are finding out about the benefit of air duct cleaning at an alarming rate. Just 4 hours can have your home air duct cleaned and your home smelling fresh and clean. This type of cleaning helps with the smells in your home and with any dust and mold allergies your family may suffer from.

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Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning How It Is Done

Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning How It Is Done Give ...

Also, consider cleaning in this order: begin with air ducts, followed by upholstery and drapes, and finishing with floors. Man cleaning carpet. The season of sneezing has made its annual return and that can only mean one thing for homeowners: preventative cleaning measures.

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This article filed under. Your Community News & Weather. A technician cuts an access hole in ductwork. If you want to freshen up the air in your home and make your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently, you might consider having the ductwork cleaned. Photos Courtesy of National Air Duct Cleaners

NADCA Reveals the 2013 ACR Standard for HVAC Systems - HVAC Web Connection (press release)

NADCA Reveals the 2013 ACR Standard for HVAC SystemsHVAC Web Connection (press release)The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), an association dedicated to upholding industry standards for cleaning, restoring and maintaining air handling u ...sso.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Price Cleveland OHFor property owners that employ vent and ductwork for heating and air condition, dust and mold is an issue that should be consistently monitored. For residents of Cleveland and surrounding areas, professional cleaning services are available to safely address this issue.

Dust and mold present in ventilation systems can be an irritant for anyone, especially those with asthma or allergies. Whether the structure is a home or business, inspection and cleaning should be considered part of a scheduled maintenance program. Depending on how sensitive residents or visitors may be, service may be necessary on an annual basis. If this is not the case, routine inspection and cleaning every two years may very well be acceptable. Regardless of your time table, a professional duct cleaning service is the best path to take. Clean air is not something we should take for granted.

Methods of cleaning ductwork may vary slightly from company to company, but certain standards have been established and are strictly adhered to industry wide. The levels of irritants present indoors can be staggering compared to levels outside. Given most of our time is spent in our homes, it is important that ductwork be cleaned and thoroughly sanitized. That being said, not only is there a physical aspect to the cleaning process, but in some cases your cleaning contractor may offer a chemical process to eliminate certain biological contaminants. Measures that involved should once again, only be performed by a professional service. In a nutshell, keeping the air in your home clean is just as important as sanitizing our kitchens and bathrooms. Clean air means good health.

How Much Air Duct Cleaning Cost

How much air duct cleaning cost is a small price to pay for good air quality in the home and prevention against disease causing airborne particle matter. The money will be well spent in ensuring the pure quality of air in the home. ...

Air Duct Cleaning Cost- Factors Affecting the Cost

Air duct cleaning cost is impacted by a number of factors because no two homes and duct systems are alike. This is why advertised fixed per home or per room prices are misleading.

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Expect to pay $250-500 for a typical home's duct cleaning by a qualified professional. Larger homes with a more extensive duct system will cost proportionately more. If duct cleaning is done improperly, or needlessly, the outcome can do ...

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Air Duct Cleaning Scams [Dateline NBC]

Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC just aired a hidden-camera report on fraud in the world of air duct cleaning. The fraudsters who perpetrate these scams dupe owners — some of them vulnerable or aged — out of clean ducts and into a bill ...

Publish Date: 01/31/2011 0:59

Air Duct Cleaning Scams – Better Business Bureau & Inside Edition |

A report by Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero highlighting fraudulent practices by a low priced duct cleaning company in Alabama.

Publish Date: 03/28/2011 13:36

Guide to Air Duct Cleaners & Air Duct Cleaning

Learn how to hire an Air Duct Cleaner with confidence. This free Air Duct Cleaning Consumer Guide shows the questions to ask and how spot contractors to avoid. ... air duct cleaners that do little more than blow the dust out of air ducts and don't actually clean anything much less improve the air quality of the building or home. The guidelines below will help you avoid air duct cleaning scams and hire a knowledgeable and reputable air duct cleaning service provider. ...

Publish Date: 03/08/2011 15:26

Air Duct Cleaning Scams - Better Business Bureau & Inside Edition

A report by Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero highlighting fraudulent practices by a low priced duct cleaning company in Alabama. The company exposed in the piece makes false claims about mold and bills the homeowners over $1000 from the initial ...