Why People Clean Their Homes Air Ducts

Children are more inclined than grown ups to be prone to polluted air they breathe faster, inhale more air per unit of bodyweight and therefore are closer down where levels are greater. (Department of Consumer Affairs)

One of the top 5 causes of er visits in 2008 was Common colds/Flu and Bronchial asthma attacks for kids under 10. (Wolters-Kluwer Health)

One inch every six individuals who are afflicted by allergic reactions does so due to the direct relationship towards the fungi and bacteria within the air-duct systems. (Total Health & Better Health Magazine)

90% of cooling and heating system failures are triggered by dust and grime. (Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service)

The seniors, asthma sufferers the ones with respiratory system problems, for example allergic reactions and lung illnesses, tend to be more responsive to contaminants. (Department of Consumer Affairs)

One millimeter of grime on the heating or cooling coil can decrease it's efficiency as much as 21%.(Environmental Protection Agency)

Most fiberglass furnace filters are only 7% effective in stopping dirt, dust, pollen, etc.

(American Society of Heat, Ref., Ac. Engineers)

Most people spend 60 to 90% of their time indoors. (American Lung Association)

50% of ailments are generally triggered or irritated by polluted indoor air.(American College of Allergists)

The typical six-room house collects 40 pounds of dust every year. (Discover Magazine)

Polluting of the environment adds to lung disease, which claims near to 361,000 lives in the usa each year and it is the 3rd-leading reason for dying within the USA States. (American Lung Association)

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency ranks poor indoor quality of air one of the top 5 environment risks to public health. (E.P.A.)

Reason To Cleaning Your Air Ducts

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