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Air Duct Cleaning Cleveland OHDiscover why we are the best option for Your Duct Cleaning company and Clothes dryer Vent Cleaning company within the Greater Cleveland Ohio Area. Cleveland Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning is a family owned and operated company in the Greater Cleveland area.

The goal is to enhance the quality of air in your home at an affordable price. We use the most advanced cleaning technique available in the market created by the biggest manufactures of H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum equipment in america. All of our equipment is manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA as well as EPA specifications for cleaning the air duct of dusts and contaminates.

Our products and services consist of air duct, clothes dryer vent cleaning, duct sanitation.  Give us a call and see exactly why we are the best option in Cleveland Air-duct Cleaners and Clothes dryer Vent Cleaners in the Ohio Region.

A Healthy Home Improvement For Today's Health and Green Oriented Family.

We are living in a world where a healthier lifestyle has become a way of living. All of us diet and exercise to help make ourselves really feel better. Most people have also taken on environmental issues to help make our world a more clean and less hazardous place to live. Yet the most forgotten coOHern is the air that all of us breathe. The Environmental Protection agency claims that indoor air has been discovered to generally be much more contaminated as compared to out of doors air. Right now consider on an average people today spend 90% of their time indoors… The duct facts can be very alarming.

  1. “The E.P.A. ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental dangers to public health.”  (American Lung Association)
  2. “Those that are most vulnerable to indoor air pollution are youngsters,women that are pregnant,and the elderly”  (National Safety CouOHil)
  3. “Contaminated central air handling systems may become breeding grounds for mold,mildew,and other causes of biological contaminates.” (Environmental Protection Agency)
  4. “50% of all health issues is aggravated or caused by contaminated interior air.”  (American College of Allergies)
  5. “Levels of air pollution in the home can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels.”  (Environmental Protection Agency)

Given that all of us spend so much time indoors, it makes perfect sense to clean the source of our indoor airSick Woman With Allergies From Dirty Air Ducts and Mold quality problems inside our homes air ducts systems.

Something as simple as a duct and vent Inspection could save you many hours of health issues, so do not delay give us a call to have us do your Cleveland Duct Cleaning or Cleveland Dryer Vent Cleaning company.

Five advantages of regular cleaning and servicing of your heating and cooling system and your ducts:

1. Savings. The US Environmental Protection agency estimates that removing even four-tenths of an inch of dust from cooling method coils will lessen energy usage by up to twenty one percent. This can save you considerable cash on your utility bill.

2. System durability. Estimate are that nine out of ten central heating and air conditioning systems fail or breakdown due to the fact a proper maintenance routine was not performed. Replacement parts and labor for heating or cooling method may bee extremely costly and total replacement expenses thousands.

3. Your home's air top quality. Many people contemplate air duct cleaning essential to maintaining wholesome indoor air. Dust, allergens (pollen, pet dander) and toxins (mold, mildew, rodent droppings) are commonly discovered in air ducts. If air vents are not cleaned regularly these particles could be released into your house. Even if household members don't have allergies numerous of these particles have the possible to trigger severe illness.

4. Allergies. If household members have allergies, duct cleaning is frequently needed to provide a wholesome environment for allergy sufferers. Air vent cleaning can substantially minimize the quantity of allergens in a home.

5. Remove odors. A musty odor inside your home can mean that dust, mold or mildew may possibly be present inside the air ducts that no quantity of air fresheners or candles will eliminate. Air duct cleaning will get rid of the smell virtually fully.

Additionally to normal cleaning, it's recommended that you take into account having your air vents professionally cleaned soon after any of the following events: water entering your ducts (leaking water pipe, leaky roof, faulty condensation management by your air conditioner), a flood (in your residence or within your town), a fire nearby, mold was discovered during servicing of your heating or air conditioning system, rodents or insects are recognized to have been within the ducts, significant residential remodeling or moving into a new home.

Our Service areas in Ohio (OH) include: (Call us we can help you with Cleaning your Ducts or Dryer Vent in the Ohio (OH) Area)

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Why Should You Have Your Ducts and vents Cleaned

Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning
The EPA says there are three occasions that should prompt a homeowner to have the ducts cleaned. If you feel you should hire an expert then you must also be sure that this professional is going to clean every part of the system. If one aspect is neglected it will further contaminate the rest of the system.

1. Mold -- Somehow mold seems to deplete the condition of most items within a home. Mold plays a huge role when considering home repairs, whether you're thinking about cleaning your carpet, basement, or air ducts. So mold should be removed if you detect it in any section of your heating and cooling system. The reason you should have a professional remove the mold and clean the area is because an expert knows how to remove mold and its sources. Anyone can wipe away mold, but an expert can wipe out the mold!

2. Vermin -- If it's inundated by vermin or insects then an expert should be hired to clean them out to remove the vermin or insects and all their debris.

3. Expelled Debris/Dust -- The ducts are bound to have dust particles, but the ducts shouldn't contain high enough volumes of dust and debris that it pours out of the ducts and into your home.

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