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Air duct cleaning refers to the thorough cleaning of the heating and cooling components of forced air systems. This includes air ducts, heat ex-changers  coils, registers, grilles and diffusers. Accumulated dust, debris and mild are removed using specialized tools and a powerful vacuum. This may be followed up with an application of biocides and other chemical treatments.

Here are some tips on air duct cleaning:

  • The cleaning of forced air systems can potentially benefit the quality of air in the vicinity covered by the system. There is no heavy proof that says this; however, logically, the cleaner the source, the cleaner the air. The least it does do is remove the risk of inhaling contaminants that may build up in un-maintained forced air systems.
  • Air duct cleaning can potentially improve the performance of forced air systems. Again, there is no solid proof here. Still, logically, it is a given that if you remove dust, debris and mold that can get in the way of normal HVAC functions, it makes the whole system perform better. It can be likened to oiling a car.
  • A forced air system is not clean if 2% is left contaminated. The contamination just pertains to ineffective cleaning. Molds can still release spores into the atmosphere and cause allergic reactions. Have your service provider do a thorough cleaning.
  • The presence of moisture increases the possibility of mold. The growth of molds in a forced air system is bad news as these can result in spores being released in the air. When the forced air system is prone to moisture, make sure to schedule it for cleaning regularly.
  • Cleaning rates for forced air systems ranges from $500 to $1000. The cost depends on the type of forced air system, how ‘dirty’ it is, and the weather.
  • Some cleaning services use chemical biocides to combat mold build-up. There is no study yet on the safety levels of biocides. Approach this option with caution. Biocides may not even be necessary.
  • Some cleaning services also apply chemical treatments to the forced air system. This will cover areas susceptible to the growth of molds. Again, there is no study yet to support the safety of chemical treatments.
  • Select a service provider who is trustworthy enough to do a thorough job when it comes to cleaning forced air systems. They should be fully equipped with specialized tools, a powerful vacuum, and a lot of patience. They should be able to get to 100% of the accumulated dirt, debris and mold.
  • Anyone who is having their fixed air systems cleaned is advised to check the US Environmental Protection Agency. The site has guidelines what to get cleaned, what to clean it with, and when to get systems cleaned. The site also posts words of precaution regarding the use of biocides and chemical treatments.
  • In general, it is important to get fixed air systems cleaned when necessary. Regular cleaning scheduled cleaning is not always the requirement. It should just be on a look-see basis.

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