Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

If your commercial building is due for an air duct cleaning, you should keep in mind that finding a reliable commercial air duct cleaning doesn't just happen by chance. Don't risk the health of your employees or building tenants by going with an unprofessional, untried, or unreliable cleaning service. You have to do the right legwork so you can find a provider that will deliver quality work which can give you peace of mind. Use the guide below to help you find the right duct cleaning service provider. You have to be strategic when finding the right cleaning company because there is a lot at stake.

Go with bonded and certified providers

Anyone can put up a sign and call himself a service provider or contractor. While there are many excellent small-scale cleaning service businesses out there, you can't take the risk of hiring a fly by night or unprofessional outfit that is more interested in separating you from your money than providing excellent duct cleaning services. One way to quickly separate quality firms from shady or unprofessional providers is to ask if the company you're considering is bonded and complies with all the relevant certification rules. If a company could not be bothered to comply with minimal regulations and insurance requirements, you are better off avoiding that company. Hiring a bonded firm will, at  least, give you some assurance of compensation if something goes wrong.  A bonded company's insurance helps shift some of the risk you're taking on by hiring the company.

National Air Duct Cleaners Association

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Look beyond the yellow pages

National Air Duct Cleaners Association

It might seem unreasonable to expect you to look for service providers beyond those listed in your area's yellow pages. After all, your premises' ventilation ducts need cleaning now. Still, it is always a good idea to invest a bit of time and effort looking for service contractors beyond those listed in the yellow pages. While these companies might turn out to be great at what they do, you should consider companies beyond their mere ability to pay for a yellow pages listing. In particular, some highly professional commercial air duct cleaning firms might not advertise and only get clients through referrals and word of mouth. In fact, these are precisely the companies you should look for since the quality of their work speaks loud enough among premises owners and property management companies that they don't need to advertise. Remember that just because a company is listed in the yellow pages doesn't mean it is necessarily legitimate or competent. Instead, ask for referrals from the management companies or building managers of nearby buildings.