Dirty Air Duct Cause Allergies and Asthma

It’s what you can’t see. Find out how CRI Duct Services eliminates the contaminants lurking in your furnace ducts so that you can enjoy cleaner air—and breathe easier.

Sick Woman From Dirty Air Duct MoldBy Patricia Nugent

Through diet, exercise and preventive medicine, Americans are trying harder than ever to stay healthy. But little do they know, it’s an intangible factor—indoor air quality—that may be wreaking havoc on their health.

“Many people would be shocked to know that the air inside their homes can be much more toxic than the air outside their homes,” says Gene Zoladz, founder of CRI Duct Services, Inc.His passion for clean indoor air is palpable.

“I got into this business in 2003 after cleaning the air ducts of my parents’ 1959 home,” says Gene. “The ducts had never been cleaned. After we sucked out an appalling amount of debris, it hit me how this may have had a negative impact on my parents’ well being. I wanted to educate people about what a difference clean ductwork can make in their lives.”

He says allergies and asthma are the two most common ailments aggravated by air duct pollen and contaminants. According to the American College of Allergists, one out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the fungi and bacteria in the air duct system.In honor of May being “Asthma Awareness Month,” Gene also notes that asthma affects more than 20 million Americans, and the rates of asthma have risen sharply over the last 30 years. “Keeping your home free from dust, pollen and pet dander can improve the quality of life for these sufferers,” says Gene.

CRI Duct Services uses a state-of-the-art Negative Air Pressure System, in which an eight-inch vacuum hose is attached to the supply and return sides of the HVAC system and sucks all dirt and debris directly into a HEPA vacuum truck. Then, a scrubbing tool that resembles an octopus is sent into the ducts to oscillate and remove all last traces of debris.

More than 15,000 fires a year begin in the clothes dryer.

Air Duct Cleaner Gene Zoladz“This is a closed system, so there is no chance of cross-contamination,” he says. “Anything that is sucked from the ducts leaves in our vacuum collector, not floating back into your home.”

To finish the job, CRI crews then apply a Microban treatment to each register and sanitize the ducts by blowing in an anti-microbial fog that coats the interior and prevents bacteria, molds and contaminants from growing again. For the best indoor air quality, the EPA recommends homeowners clean their ductwork every three to five years—even more often after remodeling projects or if there are smokers or pets in the the home.

“There are many companies out there who tout themselves as ‘duct cleaners’, but really don’t do the complete job that we do,” Gene says.

Bonded and insured, CRI crews are highly educated in the industry.
In addition to dirty ducts, another potential danger lurks in your laundry room.

More than 15,000 fires a year in this country begin in the clothes dryer. Lint is highly combustible and people often let their dryers overheat or leave home with them still running. Gene says that just scraping out the lint screen with each load doesn’t necessarily protect you from a fire.

“If your venting is made of white plastic or foil, rather than solid metal, there is a greater chance of fire,” he says.Air Duct Comparison photo Cleveland OH “There is a dramatic video on our site captured from The Today Show that shows how easily and quickly dryers can catch fire.”

When CRI Duct Services cleans dryer vents and exhaust ducts, they replace faulty venting after flushing out the tube of any lint or contaminants. It’s recommended they be cleaned every six months to a year.

CRI is a family run business. When you call for a free estimate, you will speak with Gene directly. And he goes to the homes to make sure clients are absolutely satisfied with the work.

“I’m passionate about my service,” says Gene. “If I can help people breathe better, than they sleep better and feel better, which means the world to me.”

For more information about CRI Duct Services, call Gene at (216) 694-8677. Visit his site for lots of great info, video clips and more, www.airductcleaningclevelandoh.com. You can also follow CRI on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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