National Air Duct Cleaners Association

National Air Duct Cleaners Association

Air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling components of forced air systems. This includes the air ducts, grilles, heat ex-changers  and cooling coils. This is a necessity for homes and business establishments with forced air systems. Failure to implement regular cleaning and maintenance puts people who reside in or frequent your establishment at risk. They can develop allergies and infections, to say the least.

Air duct cleaning removes dust, pollen, mold and other debris from forced air systems. It is important that every part of the system is thoroughly cleaned. Partial cleaning is ineffective and leaves other components contaminated. This does not remove the risks of an unkempt forced air system, and people within the vicinity remain exposed to the danger.

While there is no substantive evidence yet that regular cleaning of the HVAC components of forced air systems does have a positive effect on air quality, by logic, we can say that this is true. In time, dust, pollen and other debris accumulate in these systems. This blocks the air passages and may get caught in the streams of air that the system expels. This blends into the atmosphere and can be inhaled by people in the vicinity.

Air duct cleaning is particularly beneficial when there is moisture in the system. Moisture increases the possibility of mold build-up.  Molds carry spores that are released in the atmosphere when not taken care of. These may then cause allergies and other symptoms.

A major benefit of cleaning the HVAC components of forced air systems is this enables the system to function more efficiently. Collected dust, dirt and mold can hinder the functioning of forced air systems, and hasten deterioration. Cleaning is much like oiling a car. It makes everything run smoother.

Another benefit of cleaning force air systems is that it improves the overall hygiene of the vicinity. Dust, dirt and molds, even when in the nooks and crevices of HVAC components, can be eye sores and should be removed when possible.

It is then relevant to be selective about the service company contracted to do the cleaning. Thorough cleaning is necessary for it to be effective. A service company cannot just partially clean and leave some component still contaminated. Otherwise, the whole process is a waste of money.

A service provider will have specialized gears and a powerful vacuum cleaner for cleaning dirt, debris and molds. They might also use chemical biocides for mold removal. There are no standards and studies yet when it comes to the use of biocides. It may be dangerous when a person is exposed to higher levels. The general advice in this case is to find out information about the biocide first and then decide if it is necessary to use it. Applying biocides is an additional cleaning phase. It is not a necessity.

Once you’ve had your forced air systems cleaned, ask your service provider when is the optimal time to have these rechecked and cleaned again. Maintenance and cleaning should be regular.  Learn more Click Here

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